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Amileader: a positive image of a politician on the Internet is the successful career foundation

Amileader: personal brand is the most important element of building a political career


Amileader: a positive image of a politician on the Internet is the successful career foundation

The path of a person who has decided to go into politics can start in different ways: from joining a party, participating in youth movements or creating his own public organization. But how a political career will develop does not depend at all on competence and personal charm, as many people think. And not from progressive views and ideas. The main task of a politician is to become recognizable for the widest audience and gain public confidence. And for this it’s necessary to create a personal brand on the Internet. The Amileader system, developed by the specialists of the advertising company Amillidius, helps to achieve this goal.

The personal brand of a politician is an information field on the Web that creates an image of a person who knows in which direction to move. It consists of publications in the Internet media, which every voter will see on Google by typing the name and surname of the politician in the search box. Such articles must fill at least three pages of Google search, which is at least 30 articles in the Internet media. As a result, firstly, the voter will receive complete information about the policy, which will make the necessary impression on him. Secondly, a lot of positive publications will become a kind of safety cushion on the Internet, allowing to delay information attacks of ill-wishers and opponents. It will take longer and more money for detractors to get to the top of search results with negative articles. During that, there will be time to prepare and work out the information attack.

The “Amileader” system for a politician: a clear position and a good reputation at the heart of a personal brand

Thanks to the creation of a personal brand, even without a specialized education and political experience, an aspiring politician will be able to stand out against the background of colleagues, demonstrate competence, declare a desire for change, acquaint the audience with their vision of the world and personal qualities. The Amileader system will help you to do this in the optimal time frame.

What constitutes a personal brand policy

To form a personal brand, a novice politician needs to change from a stranger, an abstract figure, in the eyes of voters into a living person endowed with a mass of positive qualities, close to his voters. And articles on the Internet are the tool with which this is easiest to achieve.

The personal brand of a politician, like a puzzle, consists of separate elements that add up to the overall picture. Each of these fragments should be reflected in Internet media publications. The creators of Amileader highlight the main directions that form a personal brand:

  • values of the politician: everything related to public and private life, family;
  • a political idea and the ability to defend it, the views and convictions by which a politician is guided in his actions;
  • demonstration of expertise, knowledge;
  • the goals that the politician wants to achieve;
  • advantages and advantageous differences from competitors;
  • achievements of the politician at the moment.

Google should tell about all this in the brightest colors, or rather — numerous Internet publications issued by a search engine upon request. As a result, the promoted personal brand will help the politician gain the trust and support of the maximum number of people and remove social barriers.

Active position and fulfilled promises are necessary parts for promoting a politician’s personal brand

The main goal, for which the personal brand of a politician is created, is the voters’ trust and support. And they are born in response to fulfilled promises. This means that a politician should have as many achievements of various scales as possible. The basis of the first publications will be what has already been done so far. And then it is necessary to take care of new news feeds. The developers of the Amilleader system define three types of tasks that will serve as news feeds:

  • short-term tasks. These include promises of a local nature, things that a politician can guarantee to fulfill in the very near future: from the construction of a playground to assistance in obtaining benefits for specific people, etc;
  • long-term tasks. Larger-scale initiatives that already exist within the party or faction in which the politician is a member, but it is his participation that accelerates their implementation;
  • global challenges facing the country. Here it is important for a politician to declare his active position and constantly remind about it.

For all tasks from such a list, a scenario of actions should be created and a PR plan should be drawn up, including reports, interviews, press conferences and other events, and most importantly, their constant coverage in the Internet media.

Reputation under the “Amileader” protection — effectively repelling attacks from ill-wishers

The reputation of a politician is an important part of a personal brand, which needs to be paid maximum attention. It is an asset that is easy to lose if you do not take care of its protection. Any politician has competitors and ill-wishers, their number grows with the growth of his fame. They will try to destroy this positive information field by throwing all kinds of negativity into the Internet, both real and fake. If a politician does not react to him, his days are numbered. It is necessary to be able to defend against the attacks of enemies and opponents. And a well-promoted personal brand will make this task easier. Correct actions to combat the negative will not only protect the reputation, but also strengthen the personal brand of the politician, help to pump it even more.

Personal brand magnetism — world leader examples

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel are prime examples of how a strong personal brand helps pave the way into big politics.

Barack Obama

Promotion of personal brand on the Internet brought Obama electoral victory


Barack Obama was one of the first to make full use of the Internet in his presidential campaign. In his asset there was neither serious capital nor great political experience. Young age and skin color worked against him — with all the tolerance, African American candidates always quickly left the race. All these “cons” were outweighed by the promoted strong personal brand of the politician. Obama has created on the Web the image of an experienced, prudent manager who can restore the economy and overcome the political crisis by ending the war in Iraq. Numerous publications on the Web have strengthened this image and introduced a wide audience of users to Obama’s political agenda.


To create this image, he attracted the best specialists in the field of PR and marketing — they constantly wrote about him in the Internet media, developed a personal website and used social networks and bloggers who constantly exposed the defamation of opponents to Obama. Thanks to his personal brand promoted on the Internet, Obama has attracted an army of volunteers who are ready to campaign for him for free. And as a result, he became president.

Donald Trump

Relying on personal brand on the web, Trump outpaced his opponents

And in 2016, Donald Trump became the president of the world’s most influential country, despite the fact that he had never held any government or political office before. But he had a strong personal brand. Opponents accused Trump of insulting women and sexual harassment. In general, according to The New York Times, $70 million was spent on denigrating his reputation. The Trump team managed to cope with black PR of such a huge scale and convey the messages of their candidate to voters, thanks to the use of the possibilities of the Internet. Trump skillfully turned all the attacks of enemies to his advantage, earning an image of a tough guy in the eyes of voters. Avoiding provocative questions from TV journalists, he addressed voters directly — through publications on the World Wide Web.


Numerous statements of the future president and his responses to opponents occupied top positions in Google news and gained popularity on social networks. Other candidates, including Hillary Clinton, relied on television advertising, spending dozens of times more money on it — and lost. And the Internet and a developed personal brand brought success to Trump.

Angela Merkel

Thanks to her strong personal brand and its online promotion, Merkel served four times as head of the German government

Angela Merkel became the head of the German government four times, without having outstanding charisma, spectacular external data and special oratory skills. This longevity on the political Olympus was largely due to the well-developed personal brand of the Chancellor. News about Merkel in the Internet media appears almost daily. Each statement of the Chancellor immediately appears on the Web — Internet publications about these statements contain links to the official website of Merkel, where voters can familiarize themselves with the full text of the statements.


In their articles, journalists often use the nickname “mother”, which the Germans gave to their chancellor and invariably call Frau Merkel the most influential woman in the world, while photographers constantly focus on her iconic gesture “Merkel’s diamond”. These details reinforce the bond between the chancellor and her constituents. Merkel considers the Internet a “barometer of public sentiment” and, in addition to publications, actively uses social networks — the best advertising agencies and PR technologists who run her accounts work for the Chancellor.

Personal brand from “Amileader” is the key to success and victory over opponents

The Amileader system helps create and promote personal brand politics

The Amileader service for the creation and promotion of a personal brand policy includes the following steps:

  • studying information about you and identifying the main directions in the formation of a personal brand;
  • a plan for creating new news feeds;
  • creation by marketers and SEO-specialists of terms of reference for writing articles for journalists;
  • creation of visual content for publications — photo and video processing (if necessary, photo sessions and video filming are organized, which are paid separately);
  • Writing by PR department journalists of articles, in accordance with the TOR;
  • selection of Internet resources for posting publications;
  • approval of preview and publication of articles;
  • optimization and promotion of publications on the Web by SEO-department specialists.

Additional weight will be given to the politician’s personal brand by publications about it in authoritative world-class Internet media, such as, for example, Forbes. When such a publication writes about politics, it is prestigious, it inspires confidence, raises in the eyes of voters and gives a competitive advantage over opponents. But, it must be borne in mind that such publications are ten times more expensive than articles on ordinary popular Internet resources.

Specialists of the advertising company “Amillidius”, using the “Amileader” system, will help the politician to stand out from the variety of competitors of the same type, to appear on the Internet as a bright charismatic leader defending the interests of his voters. A personal brand in the Internet space, created according to the “Amileader” system, will bring recognition and trust of people, ensure a successful start and a long life in politics.

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