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Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a model Forbes writes about, starred for the Ukrainian NANOJY brand



Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a model Forbes writes about, starred for the Ukrainian NANOJY brand

Over a month of filming, 4 stunning locations, 4 nature elements, more than 40 branded outfits! That was how Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a top Ukrainian model’s work on the filming for the Portuguese-Ukrainian women’s clothing brand NANOJY was held.

Top model Anastasiia Bondarchuk never ceases to amaze compatriots, friends, relatives, colleagues, and partners with more and more new achievements. Nastya is only 14, but her professional success comprises dozens of works with top global brands. Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi are just some of the many on the list. The girl with an enviable frequency becomes the brand face of top-rated fashion glosses such as L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. And even such a serious publication as Forbes singled Anastasiia out of thousands of other models and published an interview with the young star.

Recently, filming of the NANOJY campaign by Elvira Gavrilova, starring Anastasiia Bondarchuk, has been finished. Our journalists talked to the girl and found out how it was.


Anastasiia Bondarchuk shines on the covers of world glosses, becomes the face of world brands. Nastya, tell us, why did you agree to become the face of the still little-known NANOJY?

NANOJY is a superbrand with a bright future. As you already know, its founder Elvira Gavrilova is my producer. Elvira is a unique businesswoman. All of her projects are doomed to success due to the integrated approach and her amazing intuition. The NANOJY collection is incredibly full, feminine, harmonious, like Elvira herself. I fell in love with it from the first fittings. Besides, the concept of the four elements and the filming scenario finally won my heart.

Tell us about filming. Were you really filming for over 30 days?


Yes, it has been an amazing month. More than 40 outfits, 4 locations, and 4 elements: fire, earth, water, and air. Initially, we were supposed to fly to Milan, but, as you see, quarantine, closed borders ruined our plans. And this is even for the best! Where in Europe, in Milan, for example, can you set up a tent with makeup artists, photographers, film crew, in general, with a team of 20 people for the whole day? And in Odessa, we did not limit ourselves to time and locations.

The element of “Fire” was filmed at night on Kuyalnik. In the frame, I pose in front of the burning NANOJY logo. It was hot and a little scary that my hair would catch fire, but I shouldn’t have worried. In the same place, on Kuyalnik, “Earth” was filmed. An extremely beautiful white horse was my partner on the set. Before For the “Water” element filming, of course, we chose the Black Sea coast, and “Air” was filmed at the Hydroport Odessa. Everything went great. Thanks a lot to the team, they are real professionals!

The school year is starting soon. How will you combine work and studies?

I love to live in a crazy pace. The study, of course, comes first. But I have already some shooting scheduled. Follow the news in my social networks, soon. I’ll start posting photos/videos from new projects.

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