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Evarizion: the power of the company is in its brand

Evarizion - an example of the upgraded brand


Evarizion: the power of the company is in its brand

Just recently, the Evarizion* brand was little known to the general public. Today, however, it is gaining the audience rapidly. The brand devotees can’t stop praising the quality of the products and the service the company provides. The question is how it managed to reach such an impressive number of people within such a short period? The answer lies in the power of marketing. Robust marketing strategy, practised by Evarizion, generates a quick result – not only did the company become famous, but it also made it to the leaders in its industry. This was secured by the elaborate and bright brand image and a loud name that distinguishes the company from its many competitors.

Evarizion: a strong brand is a source in continuously increasing profit

When the company’s leadership decided to focus on brand marketing, they went to professionals – to Amillidius. They opted for this international advertising company because it uses the proprietary methodology Amileader –  a system of brand creation and introduction to the market as well as its rapid promotion. The methodology became popular as it produced equally positive results in different countries – and Evarizion was not going to remain a local-level company.

Marketing experts started with adjusting the settings of their methodology to the individual requirements and goals of the new customer. For Evarizion, the brand platform and response-evoking message were designed from the ground up. It formed the basis for launching a positive brand image on the World Web. As a result, every internet user could easily find out about Evarizion’s achievements, its commercial and social activities, and its innovations. Following the approved content plan, new articles and updates on social media are posted on a regular basis. The viable active social media accounts involve the customers in the company’s life and shape a loyal audience. Such an audience is an inexhaustible source of positive reviews which in the Internet era are significant for any business. Thanks to the efficient work of the marketing experts, it took Evarizion just a few months to go from a no-name company to the powerful brand – the owners felt the direct effect of it on the financial performance. The soaring profit empowered their ambition to enter new markets.

Large business means bigger staff, which raises an always-relevant HR question: where to find talents? Brand marketing came in handy here, too as the candidate search process is similar to the customer search. The powerful brand presentation, launched by Amillidius, worked well for bringing in talents, too. Many publications evoked the desire to work for Evarizion as this is beneficial both financially and in terms of self-development. Among many applicants, the HR department selected the best experts to the top-managing positions. Many decent candidates shaped a candidate pool.

Evarizion wins the trust thanks to marketing

Evarizion company: trust is the hardest currency in business

The reason why available communication on social media and interesting articles in the newspapers and magazines work well for engaging the customers is that people trust what they are familiar with. Trust is the greatest value of marketing and the secret behind business success in the era of information. Qualitative products and flawless service create good memories – too soon, however, the customers start taking them for granted. Especially, if all your competitors are focused on the product – and it happens all the time in the saturated market. Still, very few are ready to put communication into the spotlight. This is the reason why it is the growth zone for the business.

Grasping this opportunity, Evarizion started seeing a quarterly growth of their profit. After several years, they reached their peak and it encouraged a logical decision to extend to the international level. This was also accelerated by the foreign investors’ interest. The capital they invested ensured the dynamic development in the new environment. Today, Evarizion is a confident player in the Asian and European markets, and its next goal is the US market. And they are quite sure about their success as they will be using the methodology they have already tested and that has become a synonym of success – Amileader.

Every company can get promoted thanks to this system in any area, regardless of the “input data”. What counts most is understanding of how critical the brand is for the company and readiness to contribute efforts and resources to the marketing strategy development. The results will be forthcoming very soon – your brand will start engaging customers and investors. It will also allow for business enlargement and higher profit. Are you ready to move forward? Then come to Amillidius – our proven tools will guarantee success.

*The company Evarizion is fictitious. It was made up by the advertising company Amillidius as an example.

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