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Fostylen KIDS – a new magazine from the Fostylen chief editor Elvira Gavrilova

Fostylen KIDS - new magazine by Elvira Gavrilova


Fostylen KIDS – a new magazine from the Fostylen chief editor Elvira Gavrilova

Elvira Gavrilova and her projects have repeatedly come to our editor’s attention. The woman can boast of dozens of business projects, producing and directing, managing the international marketing company Amillidius, the luxury lifestyle Fostylen magazine, and more than 10 successful business projects. At the end of the past year, in her social networks, Elvira talked about the development of the Fostylen сhildren’s direction and announced the release of the first issue of Fostylen KIDS magazine.

Our editorial board contacted the Fostylen and Fostylen KIDS chief editor Elvira Gavrilova to find out as much as possible about the new magazine firsthand. The children’s direction, according to Elvira, was planned long ago, but only now the idea has been realized. The debut issue of Fostylen KIDS with Dasha Goroshko on the cover will be released at the end of January. Fostylen KIDS will be for children and teens and is created for readers aged 5-16. To make the magazine equally interesting to read for both children and teenagers, Elvira Gavrilova worked out a list of topics that could be of interest to such a wide age range of readers. So, the new Fostylen KIDS will include the following columns: kids and teenage fashion, interviews with successful children (their success stories), obligatory interviews with a star, youth idol, traveler’s corner, education and useful training from experts, interesting special projects, and also a column on parenting.

According to Elvira Gavrilova, Fostylen KIDS will be a logical continuation of the Fostylen edition. It will have everything the same as in the adult version, only adapted for children and teenagers. Like Fostylen, the children’s version will be published in Russian and English in more than 10 countries in Europe and in some regions of Asia.

Speaking about special projects, Elvira Gavrilova told us another very interesting detail about the Fostylen KIDS new issue. “In the debut issue, we publish a wonderful photo project together with the Odessa animal shelter “Kovcheg”. Children and cute animals from the shelter will take part in it. I really hope that such an initiative will help the animals find a new home and loving owners. All the animals participating in the photo project are vaccinated and very friendly,” Elvira Gavrilova told us.

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