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Fostylen replaces Financoff — Elvira Gavrilova on the magazine’s rebranding

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Fostylen replaces Financoff — Elvira Gavrilova on the magazine’s rebranding

Fresh ideas, innovative projects, interesting personalities, exclusive news from the high fashion and the world of art, a combination of business information and articles on luxury lifestyle – all this is Fostylen magazine!


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Fostylen is not a newcomer to the media market, it is the well-known and beloved Financoff business gloss, which has changed its name as a result of rebranding. And today, the chief editor and co-owner of the edition Elvira Gavrilova invites a large readership to evaluate not only lively relevant content but also the excellent design and impeccable print quality of the updated magazine’s first issue.


Fostylen: business, innovation, and glamour under one cover


The name Fostylen was born when a new vision for the gloss format came. Publications about business and investments in Financoff had to make room, providing a place for interviews with world celebrities, reports on social events, news from the luxury world, and striking photoshoots. The publication has turned into a multifaceted lifestyle magazine that contains the whole range of directions and topics that are interesting to a successful dynamic personality today. And Elvira Gavrilova decided to take drastic measures – to change the name to reflect the new image of the magazine. That was how Financoff turned into Fostylen. The changes affected not only the name and internal content. The rebranding will also result in the expansion of the magazine’s distribution geography, which means an increase in the readership.

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Fostylen – a lifestyle reflected in gloss

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The updated magazine would see the world thanks to a close-knit team that breathed life into its previous version for many years. The best photographers and creative designers, talented journalists, and scrupulous editors worked on the creation of the first Fostylen issue.

“Our goal is to create a magazine, reading which, you feel the pulse of the modern world,” the chief editor Elvira Gavrilova says about the new concept. “Fostylen will become a faithful life companion and inspirer of new achievements”.


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