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Google announces changes to environment, position targeting settings in DV360

Google announces changes to environment, position targeting settings in DV360


Google announces changes to environment, position targeting settings in DV360


In an effort to provide advertisers with more accurate and granular ad targeting options in Display & Video 360, Google will be launching a revamped experience for environment and position targeting settings on August 26, 2019.

The changeswill include updated targeting settings when creating or editing items individually or in bulk, updated dimensions in Reporting and a new version of Structured Data Files (SDF) to support the targeting overhaul.

While the same targeting options will continue to exist, they
will appear with the new targeting controls come August.

By August 26, advertisers running campaigns in DV360 can
expect to see the following:

Updated environment targeting will be focused on web-
or app-serving environments. The device- and position-related options will be relocated
from environment targeting to a different targeting control panel.

A new position targeting setting will group togetherall controls related to an ad’s position on a screen or in content in a new
position targeting control. The position-related settings that will be moved to
position targeting include Viewability, Video, and Audio targeting. Even with the
new grouping, all of the targeting options will still function the same as

Reporting changes to values in the Environment dimension will
reflect the new environment targeting setting. All existing values will be re-routed
to the new values, including historical data. For advertisers running scheduled
reports, the reports will not change in terms of delivery and will also reflect
the new values for the Environment dimension. However, scheduled reports will
no longer include the new Position in Content dimension.

A new version (v5) of Structured Data Files will
launch in tandem with the August 26 update and will include fields to enable advertisers
to retrieve and set the new targeting options. Once the new SDF goes live, older
versions will not work if updating fields for environment- or position-related
targeting options, but will still function as normal for all other fields.

Why we should care. Google said that the existing options were built to meet the needs of advertisers running display ads on desktop and mobile web. With the changes, advertisers will be able to “target their ads explicitly based on environment (app or web) and position (on screen or in content).”

Once the changes are implemented, advertisers will be able to serve ads with a greater level of confidence across these newer contexts.

For now, if you’re currently running ads in DV360, Google strongly recommends you familiarize yourself with the new targeting settings and data structures in order to adjust to the new workflows come August.

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