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How Ad Tech Entrepreneurs Can Combat Google and Facebook’s Dominance


How Ad Tech Entrepreneurs Can Combat Google and Facebook’s Dominance

Facebook did not let the startupers and entrepreneurs down only in the early years of its existence. As time flew, the social network changed its algorithms, and currently, it is virtually impossible to reach the audience organically and for free within this network. Considering that from the end of 2018, Instagram has also fallen into total ownership of the Facebook corporation, the situation in this media is the same.

In Google, it is still possible to reach an audience and gain decent traffic by organic search, and this is actually the most preferable way for any company since organic traffic means more trust both from the visitors and from the search engine itself. However, this search engine also changes its algorithms from time to time, and effective search engine optimization takes effort, time, and money to help any platform to gain its ranking.

That is why, both Google and Facebook make entrepreneurs desperate from time to time since they leave less and fewer opportunities to get organic traffic, build trust, and rising sales. However, there is a way to combat that dominance and promote one’s product or service on a different level.

In reality, the answer to ever-changing algorithms is efficient ads. Organic traffic is dying slowly, and while this is sad news for many, it is the reality of the Internet and marketing today. Unless the company will be able to adapt to that new reality, it will experience bad times.

On the other hand, general ads do not work today, as well. What works is smart, creative, original and effectively targeted advertisement. The users are pretty pampered today, they have already seen it all, and they do not want your generic ads popping up here and there. They admit ads are useful, but they want only targeted ads that will bring them value immediately.

Therefore, the efficient advertisement is a targeted one, and you have to be ready to provide a lot of value to the potential customers even before they buy anything from you. This is the only way to answer to the eternal algorithm changes and uneven strategies employed by search engines and social networks. So, in case you are worried about your business or have already been impacted by the change of rules, do not waste your time, and consider smart advertisement, to reach your audience immediately.

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