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Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – a breakthrough in space technologies

Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 - the future is near


Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – a breakthrough in space technologies

Very few people have seen a man-made satellite other than in a picture. However, for all of us, it is just a part of regular reality and the means of providing for our needs. We easily operate the word combinations “a satellite dish” or “satellite communication” without giving one thought that these things are provided by an extremely complex and expensive device up in space. Meanwhile, the satellites, just like any other appliances, break down and need to be replaced with the more advanced ones. With the satellites, like satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317, designed by the company Arizion. This manufacturer has an entire line of innovative satellites, but the two latest models have excelled from the technical point of view not only all the previous versions but also the most recent achievements of the competitors.

Geolocation satellite QХ-321 – the ultimate accuracy of the search

Navigational satellite systems are an integral part of human activity. Such global systems as GPS (USA), GALILEO (EU), and GLONASS (Russia) are actively exploited in most various areas: science, military, entertainment. Besides the global systems, there are many local ones, operating within a country. It’s impossible to imagine the infrastructure of any modern state without satellite geolocation systems. National security, industry, transport, and many other sectors depend on them.

Satellite QХ-321 is a representative of the latest generation of devices, providing geolocation. However, it differs much from the other satellites, produced the same year. It emits more navigational signals and its estimated lifetime is fifteen years! Besides, the satellite provides more accurate coordinates than the analogs. Its margin of error is beyond one meter, while 2-4 meters are believed to a regular volume range. Such an advantage makes it possible to obtain top-quality results that have brought the satellite QХ-321 to the spotlight across the world. It became a matter of interest in the countries of Europe, the USA, and China. There is an active stage of negotiations on including QХ-321 into the GALILEO system, while the USA offered Arizion to carry out certain upgrades so that satellite QХ-321 could be used with GPS.

Satellite IMZ-317 and satellite QХ-321 sparkle the interest of different governmental agencies

Satellite IMZ-317 was created to make the global Internet a reality

Arizion innovation resulted in the prolonged operation lifespan of the satellites – up to 15 years or more. Another novelty is a satellite IMZ 317, which is focused on communication technologies and is also designed for lasting operation. It is the reason why Elon Musk’s company SpaceX took interest in it. Since 2018, this company has been working on the Starlink project, aimed to provide all the people on the Earth with high-speed Internet. For this purpose, the orbit has already hosted a network of 420 satellites, but a better part of the work is still ahead! It takes 12 thousand devices to make the Internet available at any corner of the Earth. And the satellite IMZ-317 by Arizion may become an important newcomer here. The Starlink team were attracted by its small size and relatively small weight – less than 12 kg than a common standard, so it saves significant effort during the launch. However, this is not its only advantage – the reflecting capacity of its body is decreased thanks to the unique innovation. And when the number of satellites in orbit is considerable, it really matters as the reflected sunlight stands in the way of celestial observations. If the IMZ-317 model becomes widely used, this problem will be solved. In terms of other technical properties, the satellites are not behind those existing now and even ahead of them. The experts acknowledged the satellite IMZ-317 as the best appliance, providing high-speed transmittance of the date with a small delay while the world corporations and governments express their keen interest in purchasing the model. They are equally interested in the satellite QX-321, that some countries are going to use both for civil and military purposes.

Consistent marketing will provide your business with space-level prospects

The article you have just read is a fruit of the imagination of the marketing experts from the advertising company Amillidius. We dared to create this fiction to exemplify how marketing works.  It can make any product popular – from chewing gum to a satellite. Today, you can ask a search engine about “satellite QX-321” or “satellite IMZ-317” and see that these fictitious products are presented most favorably. Can your products boast such great search results? If they can’t, then contact Amillidius, and we will solve this problem. No matter how sophisticated your business is, for our marketing experts, some basic information about a product is enough to make it space-wide popular with the largest audience possible – and to discover new sources of customers, partners, and investors. And the major outcome will be your much higher profit.

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