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The Best 10 Cities For Art Lovers


The Best 10 Cities For Art Lovers

Art lovers are always in search of more inspiration and are eager to explore new cultures and new edges of arts. It is a good idea to visit different cities and different countries since local cultures tend to give more food for the imagination. That is why one of the best recommendations is to visit those ten cities that are considered top cultural centers, and can offer you both local cultural phenomena, and the examples of world culture:

  1. London. London is not only the capital of Great Britain, but it is also a center of European and British culture that has been luring the art lovers for centuries. Its museums and art galleries are a perfect example of a combination of past and present, and you can find a rich collection of anything – if something exists in the world culture, you will definitely find it in London.
  2. Paris – another center of culture, especially a French one. In addition to the old French masterpieces, you can see objects of modern arts that are high tech or on the edge of fashion.
  3. Budapest – one of the most beautiful European cities, full of stunning architecture, both old and new. The very atmosphere of Budapest will inspire you for long months.
  4. Krakow – this is an old city in Poland that is considered to be the pearl of the country. Krakow is a combination of ancient architecture, Catholic atmosphere of the churches, and typical Polish desire to have a good time eating and drinking.
  5. Istanbul – the Turkish center of old and modern art. Here, you will enjoy the colors and celebration of life and will be able to feel the delicate reminder of the old times.
  6. Barcelona – this Spanish city is at the forefront of modern art and design. So make sure you visit all the galleries and shows there.
  7. Rome – this is a city you cannot miss, since its grandeur and majesty typical cause awe in the majority of visitors.  
  8. Athens – the pearl of the ancient Greek culture, which no words can describe.
  9. Venice is still considered one of the most romantic places in Europe, that has inspired a lot of artists, poets, and musicians in the previous centuries.
  10. Prague is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations, due to architecture and the spirit of old times.

These are the places to visit and inspire, make sure you include them into traveling checklist!

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