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Wren Attleroy: a business person should also be an opinion leader

Wren Attleroy: publicity today is an integral part of success


Wren Attleroy: a business person should also be an opinion leader

The phrase “Silence is the Sound of Money Talking” is no longer topical. Today, other aphorisms are more applicable: “If you’re not on the Internet, you are not in business”, or even more emphatic one: “If you are not on the first page of Google search, you do not exist”. Publicity is the secret behind a successful business, and Wren Attleroy realized it was the trend timely.

A businessman, who made Google work for him – Wren Attleroy

The successful entrepreneur and investor Wren Attleroy created about a dozen companies in various industries: from software development to construction. Their total capitalization amounted to over USD 100 million. Mr. Wren Attleroy is also a founder and partner in several investment funds. He has more than enough experience in business and he takes the issues of PR and promotion very seriously as he realizes that they have a direct influence on his income.

It is not enough just to make an appearance on the Internet for the customers to start flowing in – the competitors never sleep. So, Wren Attleroy, along with the advertising campaigns of his companies, got down to pumping up his personal brand. The specialists from the advertising company Amillidius helped him with it. Thanks to their efforts, a positive Internet image of the businessman was created: many resources featured the articles about him. They also created his personal website with informative content and good usability. The experts in marketing and PR gave a new lease of life to the businessman’s accounts on social media, including his YouTube channel. All these activities provided for a loyal audience that would never leave Wren Attleroy for a competitor. The thing is that the consumers, partners, and prospective employees choose not only a product and a company – they associate them with the personality they’d like to deal with.

Wren Attleroy: if you are famous, your business will never lack customers

“Once I’ve power-leveled my personal brand, I don’t have to spend insane budgets for promoting my every company, be it a store, café, or hostel. I can switch between the industry with no fear of starting from scratch. My audience will always find me”, says Wren Attleroy the businessman. Another advantage of the nuanced search results on the Internet is that it is really difficult for the negative content to go through it. It works as a shield for ill-wishers’ schemes as all the positions in the Google top are occupied by positive information. “If you’re a no-name for Google, any negative information will make it to the top immediately, and no business person should allow that,” emphasizes the successful entrepreneur.

A personal brand is an inexhaustible source of customers and profit

A businessman is not the only role of Mr. Wren Attleroy. Google this name, and the results will refer to a public servant, politician, lawyers, physician, etc. Could they all be namesakes, competing for the search results? Far from it. These are all different sides of the same fictitious character, “born” by the Amillidius marketing experts. The goal of this work of fiction is to demonstrate the service of personal branding for professionals. Wren Attleroy does not exist in reality but he is doing great in the virtual space. Google will tell you about his versatile professional activities and present him at his best to any potential customer or partner. Contact Amillidius to make the Internet work for your success.

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